This Wacky Controversial Oil Can Change The Way You Go About Your Daily Life

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Have you heard about the latest health trend? CBD oil is making waves right now. And with good reason. It’s pretty dang helpful with aiding you in feeling your best everyday.

What is CBD oil? CBD is short for cannabidiol which is found in the cannabis plant. This stirs up some marijuana debate but it is not the same thing – not exactly. CBD and THC are two compounds that make up the cannabis plant. THC is where your ‘high’ comes from. CBD will NOT make you high, but does promote feelings of ease amongst other awesome stuff.

I am no doctor, and certainly do not play one on tv or Netflix. What I will tell you is this: how much better I feel. I am able to do so much more than I used to. I have very low energy, and just last weekend we made an impromptu trip to Goodwill because I went on a Marie Kondo-inspired cleaning spree.  This is surprising because: 1. I hate cleaning 2. I plan just about every day to the most minute detail, which as of late is doing absolutely nothing because work has been a total energy vampire. The takeaway here was the fact that I usually just lie on the couch recovering from my work week, but instead had the energy to do some major decluttering of my house. Decluttering is good for the soul, just saying. And it’s all thanks to CBD!

Want more? You got more! I actually first started on CBD oil because my mom was doing it. She is a total trend-setter, no joke. She said she was sleeping through the night without the usual tossing and turning. That was all I needed to hear. I got a couple bottles, and haven’t looked back since. It did take a while to see the effects, but better sleep is totally worth it. I cannot begin to describe the positive impact this has made on my well being. I am still just talking sleep here! There are so many more positive effects from CBD. The constant body aches that get me down are all but gone now. I get the CBD I use from here.

CBD oil has a myriad of positive effects including:

  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar
  • Supports optimal cardiovascular health
  • Helps support cartilage and joints
  • Helps supports a healthy weight
  • Supports optimal immune function
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Promotes optimal cellular health and functionality
  • And many more!

If you are anything like me and just want to be able to get through your day without aches and having much needed energy, I would highly recommend you get your hands on some CBD oil. And not just any oil will do. High quality, made in the USA, no synthetic or artificial ingredients, full spectrum, and whole plant are the way to go. If you want this stuff to work for you it is all about the QUALITY. You can get the highest quality with a low price here. Did I mention the stuff is guaranteed? You have nothing to lose!

Shhh!!! Here is a big secret: If you really want to try CBD but are apprehensive there are some FREE samples you can get here. All you pay is the shipping.




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Keys to Unlocking Your Heart

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Have you ever felt so alone? So unloved? Maybe you felt like you are unlovable. Perhaps you think you are not enough. I get it. Been there. Done that. You want to get out of this yucky feeling rut, don’t you? Great! The first step to unlocking your heart is admitting that there is something out of place in your life and you would like to change it. Even having the intention to change your life in any way is a great first step to take. I congratulate you! You are already well into your journey of unlocking your heart and making your life better.

Now that you have recognized that something is out of place in your life, the real work of unlocking your heart can begin.

First, let yourself know that you love yourself. Tell yourself. Look into the mirror and say: “I love you. (Your name), I really love you. You are perfect just as you are. I love you so much.” This is called mirror work, Louise Hay was a great master of this and I simply adore her work. If you would like to know more about mirror work check out Louise Hay’s book here..

Mirror work may sound silly, but try it 10 times a day for a week and see how much lighter you feel. Every time you pass by a mirror, say aloud if you can or in your mind that you love yourself. I personally find it so wonderful to tell myself whatever it is that I need to hear, like “I hear you. I see you. You are so smart and strong. I appreciate you.” Basically if I am feeling sad and alone, I let myself know that I am there for me and love me. You gotta be your own BFF.

For another quick pick me up, hug a tree. No joke! Hugging releases endorphins and trees are part of the earth and a quick way to get grounded. Not the bad kind of grounded, but the kind where your body is in touch with the Earth and your electrical charge gets neutralized. It’s a win-win! Plus it seriously calms me down, body and soul. It’s like a hug for my heart.

Meditation is one of those cliche sayings but is totally helpful here. All it takes is some deep breaths with your eyes closed. Bring your consciousness into you heart space and just stay there for a few moments. Envision a green or pink circle/heart just swirling over your heart. This will bring you into your heart chakra, or your heart center and it a major key to unlocking your heart.

Affirmations are another great tool. Say: “I am open to giving love. I am open to receiving love.” Repeat these throughout the day, write them over and over until they become real for you

Mirror work, tree hugs, heart meditations, and affirmations are just some of the many keys to unlocking your heart. What unlocks your heart? Let me know in the comments.


Presque Isle, Erie = my happy place

Hey you! I’m glad you’re here! I love your face! Even if I can’t see it, I still love your face. This is me and just how I roll. If you dig it, great! There is more to come, If you’re not digging it then there are plenty of other cool cats out there. Good vibes only here.

I’m a big fan of: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I’m also big on positivity. I have not always been this way, so it hasn’t come easy. But if I can do it, you can too! And there is no way I’m sliding back into the mud of negativity. There is a lot of yuck there, no thanks. The land of positivity is where good things can and do happen! Gosh darn it, it just feels good to think and feel optimistic! Try it out for yourself and see!

Some of you might be rolling your eyes and thinking – Well yeah it’s easy for you, your life doesn’t suck, you’ve got it altogether and all figured out (spoiler alert: NO ONE has it altogether or figured out!)

As cliche as this sounds, I wasn’t always this way. I used to be a big time negative nelly. I felt like I was literally born depressed. This is a feeling that stayed with me throughout my teenage years and most of my 20’s. My biological father wanted nothing to do with me, basically immediately after conception and I’ve never met him. I let this define me, and told myself that I was not good enough. It seems silly to me, now – not at the time, because as a tiny infant who in the world would think a baby is not good enough?

As I grew up I numbed the pain with daydreaming about a better life where I was loved, by men. Alcohol and a brief stint in cutting also were coping mechanisms. Classic daddy issues right? This topic brought me so much shame and pain there was a time that I could never have imagined that I would be blogging about this. Here I am, typing away.

My deepest yearning was to love, and to be loved in return. To find my soul mate if you will, and feel whole. There are some that would look down on this, but honestly finding my husband and the willingness to learn and change have been the best things to happen in my life. Oh yeah and the willingness to listen to my mom. She kinda does know her stuff. This is where my story gets better.

I just have to say, you don’t need outside validation to feel loved. You can give that to yourself, right now. Just go to the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself, that is a great start. I did not know that you could love yourself, just as freely as you would love another person (or cat, dog, plant, etc. -whatever you are into). I got it backwards. I found a man to love so that I could feel loved, and then I almost screwed it up. Why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. Sorry to shout. Actually, sorry not sorry. Self love is so underrated, so I will totally be shouting this.

Life gets better, if you let it. Since you are here, I think it has gotten a little better already. 🙂

With much self and unconditional love,

Sam aka Hippee Rebel